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About Me

1st AC. Focus Puller. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

With experience in film production as a focus puller since 2011, I have a strong background in both 16mm/35mm film and digital camera systems and accessories. I have had the opportunity to work on projects in various locations around the world, including Sweden, Mauritius, Switzerland, the U.A.E., and China, as well as locations closer to home such as Wales, Scotland, and various parts of England.

I have a passion for collaborating with creative individuals on a range of projects, including short films, commercials, and feature-length and documentary films. I have worked with a variety of clients, including Virgin, Dove, Kit & Kin, Hendricks Gin, Dacia, Amnesty UK, Experian, Grants, Kuoni Travel, Cow & Gate, the NHS, the BBC, and ESPN, to name a few.

I am represented by Vision Artist and am available for hire. If you would like to book me for a job, please contact the Vision Artist Crew Manager, Alex Donaldson, at


I am also able to recommend and assemble a team of clapper/loaders (2nd AC), DIT's, camera operators, and trainees, based on my past experiences working with talented professionals.

Shane de Almeida Focus Puller

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